DATE: April 5, 2007

"I had irritable bowel syndrome all my life. I was on laxatives since I was 2 years old. I came for prayer and I donít have any more problems. I am completely healed!"


DATE: MARCH 12, 2009

ďLast year I was struggling with an eating disorder and my weight dropped to the 70ís.Through prayer, the Word, and revelation about the operation of demons(spirit of anorexia), God fully delivered me.My weight is now a healthy 120lb and my eating has normalized.I am now able to serve the Lord with a gladness and am able to bring wisdom and understanding to help others who may be struggling with their eating.Praise God! Our Healer and Deliverer



DATE: July 12, 2007

"I came to the Healing Rooms three weeks in a row for a digestive disorder. I saw gradual improvement between visits. One month late, I do not have the severe symptoms anymore. Praise God!"