Vincent Aquilino is the Executive Director of the The Prayer and Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse and North-East Director for the International Association of Healing Rooms

Vince has operated in healing for over 30 years and has personally trained many hundreds of people on how to not only pray for the sick, but also they can position themselves to receive God's miracle-working power. Vince has seen the power of God in operation to bring healing and deliverance.

Vic Shattuck is the Director of the Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse. He not only has a desire to see people healed, delivered, restored and set free by the power of God, but he also has an ability to teach and motivate people to pursue their God-Given destiny.

God is no respecter of persons. God will meet in healing rooms across the world to demonstrate the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ -- as we meet in His name. The Healing & Prayer Rooms of Greater Syracuse is no exception -- come expecting a miracle!

Please mail your personal feedback to The Healing & Prayer Rooms of Greater Syracuse via email at: healing@healingsyracuse.com

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