A. Set in a director for the work. There must be strong leadership from the director who is called into the ministry of healing prayer. They must know God's will for healing the sick and be led by the Holy Spirit.

B. Establish the work from the beginning in prayer. Work with intercessors.

C. Make sure that those who want to pray for the sick understand the call of God and the commitment.

D. Work with the city church leaders. We must strive to come into a unity of faith with the body of Christ in our area to reach the lost.

Our vision is to re-establish healing prayer as a vital ministry of the body of Christ throughout the world by first uniting, praying for healing, and restoring the army of God (to prepare for the end time harvest) and then to restore the ministry of healing and deliverance through prayer to the whole church to reach and bring every person to a place of salvation and healing.

This work will compliment the ministries of the local church. For example:

a). Those who accept Christ in the Healing Rooms will be encouraged to join a local church in their area.

b). Their people will be equipped to do the work of the ministry in praying for the sick from their own church (Note: - Each potential team member must provide a referral letter from their own pastor prior to ministering on a healing team).

c) This will provide the Pastor with a ministry team available for hospital visitation and shut-in visitation during specific times of the week.

d) Training in praying for the sick (core materials provided by the International Association of Healing Rooms), will be available to members of their church during scheduled seminars. This will allow the Pastor to raise up a healing team in their own church if they do not already have one.

e) Having members from different denominations will provide additional support to bring unity into the church in the city area (there is power in agreement).

f) Pastoral participation, support in prayer, and advice will be invaluable in this ministry.

E. Find a location that will serve the whole church and the whole city -- The work can be started at a church location with a vision to move to a neutral location. The location should be a place where the sick from any denomination will feel comfortable in coming and have space for at least four rooms (two to pray in, an intercessory prayer room, and a reception area).

F. To foster unity in the churches strive to develop a ministry team with members from as many different churches as possible.

G. Set a date to dig or re-dig a well of healing from a spiritual standpoint.

Genesis 26: 18 "And Isaac dug again the wells of water, which they had dug in the days of Abraham his father; for the Philistines had stopped them. .."

H. Issue a call to churches, intercessors and those with a burden to pray for the sick to participate in establishing a Healing Rooms ministry to serve

the area using appropriate media (letters, flyers, e-mail, etc.)

1. Share the vision for healing prayer in the city through a conference, speaking in churches, radio teaching, etc.

      2. Express commitment to unity in the church.

    3. Pray that the walls of doubt and unbelief for healing will come down.

    4. Set a date to begin training those who want to be on the ministry team.


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