JOHN G LAKE and the Healing Rooms

If there was ever a man who walked in the revelation of "God in man," it was John G. Lake. A man of purpose, vision, strength and character, his one goal in life was to bring the fullness of God to every person. He often said that the secret of heaven's power was not in the doing, but in the being. He believed that Spirit-filled Christians should enjoy the same type of ministry Jesus did while living on earth, and that this reality could only be accomplished by seeing themselves as God saw them. John G. Lake lived his life and fulfilled his ministry in the earth with this type of spiritual understanding. If we would just grasp the reality of our position through Jesus Christ, as Lake did, every nation would ring with the praises of God.

John G. Lake was known as God's "Apostle to Africa". Born on March 18, 1870 in Ontario, Canada, his family soon relocated to the United States, where he grew up. He was trained as a Methodist preacher, and entered the business world and did well for himself. He married Jenny Stevens, who soon after their marriage became chronically ill.

His healing and preaching ministry spanned the years 1898 (when he saw his wife instantly healed under the ministry of John Alexander Dowie) until his death in 1935.

It was through the ministry of John Alexander Dowie that divine healing touched John Lake's family. After spending a few years (1901-1904) in Dowie’s Zion City, and witnessing a number of miraculous healings in his own family and home, Lake himself was led into the healing ministry.

In 1908, he felt the urge to go into a full-time evangelistic and healing ministry. He left Zion City and joined forces with Thomas Hezmalhalch and they went to South Africa as missionaries. God miraculously sent him to Africa, where his anointed miracle ministry resulted in what has been described as "the most extensive and powerful missionary movement in all Africa." As Gordon Lindsay wrote, "during that time he spent five history-making years in South Africa, engaged in a ministry which in some respects rivaled that of the Early Church." While in Africa John G. Lake was responsible for raising over 1,000,000 converts, 625 churches and 1,250 preachers in five years of ministry.

John Lake left Africa in 1913 and after spending some time in England resting and recuperating he came back to the United States. He decided to settle in Spokane Washington and arrived in Spokane in 1914. He brought with him the powerful experience in Africa of ministering to the sick and seeing God deliver people from the hand of the enemy. John Lake began immediately ministering to the sick in Spokane through tent revivals and found that the sick were coming everyday to receive prayer for healing.

Part of John Lake’s ministry philosophy was to continue to pray for a sick person, as many times as it took, until the manifestation of healing occurred in their body. To facilitate this he rented several rooms in an office building in the downtown area of Spokane were people could come and receive prayer for healing. He encouraged people to come back as often as they needed to receive an impartation of the healing word.

He called these rooms the "Healing Rooms" and trained men and women to pray the prayer of faith over those that came for ministry and healing. These men and women that John Lake trained he called "healing technicians" and they moved powerfully in the anointing of healing. The healing rooms were a place of faith and teaching that brought the sick to an understanding of the provision of the atonement. Each person coming for prayer was ministered to individually and given the Word of God for understanding to build faith and then hands were laid on them based on that faith for the impartation of healing in their body.

The healing rooms operated in Spokane Washington from 1915 to 1920 and during that 5 year period over 100,000 documented healings were recorded. The healing rooms were so successful that Spokane was referred to as "the healthiest city in America"

John Lake believed in the authority of the believer in Christ and in the power of the name of Jesus. He believed that any person could believe and receive healing in their body and deliverance from the oppression of the devil. He called his teaching the "The science of divine healing" because it was based on the Word of God and he believed that if the hearer understood the Word and applied it that they would receive the healing that they sought.

John Lake left Spokane in 1920 and moved to Portland Oregon to establish healing rooms there. He desired to establish healing rooms up and down the west coast and across America. He traveled teaching the "Science of Divine Healing" and ministering to the sick where ever he went. He returned to Spokane Washington in 1931 and found that the healing rooms in Spokane had ceased operating. He desired to re-open the healing rooms and the work he had started but the healing rooms never re-opened and John Lake went home to be with the Lord in 1935.

The Healing Rooms of John G. Lake Re-opened In Spokane, Washington After over 70 Years of not being in operation.

Cal Pierce and his wife Michelle grew up in Redding, California where they were members of Bethel Assembly of God Church. Cal served at Bethel as an elder and board member. He says he was "the most bored board member the church had." For 25 years he was stuck in a form of Christianity that denied God's power. In June 1996, during a service where God moved powerfully, Cal Pierce was touched by the power of God. Cal's life has been changed ever since.

Cal Pierce, having studied past revivals had read about John G. Lake and Lake's healing ministry in Spokane. Cal, a Real Estate Developer, felt God draw he and his wife, Michelle, north to Washington State in November 1997. "We sold everything, packed up our furniture and moved to Spokane having never been there before. We were not sure exactly what God wanted us to do, so we continued to seek his direction for ministry.

"On February 28, 1999 I started a 40 day fast. I went to John Lake's gravesite to pray when I heard God say, 'There is a time to pray, and a time to move.' There was no doubt that God wanted us to re-dig the wells of healing in Spokane." Cal called in intercessors and began training up healing teams. On July 22, 1999 the Spokane Healing Rooms of John G. Lake were re-opened in the downtown area of Spokane were they were almost 80 years ago.

"The church has been crying out for this healing anointing to return. After fasting for 40 days, God directed me to re-dig this healing well that John G. Lake had dug. On May 29, 1999 we gathered over 100 intercessors from all parts of Washington, Idaho, Oregon and Utah to re-dig this healing well. God has said there is a time to pray and a time to move. If you want to walk on water you must get out of the boat. God is calling forth the water walkers. Those people who are ready to give everything they have to see the captives set free." - Cal Pierce

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