Personal Prophecy Prophecy Day at the Prayer snd Healing Rooms is CANCELLED until further notice.


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It will be our joy to have the Lord minister to you prophetically. We know the ministry will bless you, encouraged you and perhaps will change the trajectory of your life. Again, the ministry is free, however, we do have expenses like every ministry does.

    So if you would like to support this ministry so we can continue to meet expnses and minister to the Body of Christ, please prayerfully consider making a donation. If you cannot at this time, we most certainly understand. To make a contribution, please use the "Donate Button" below. On the Next Screen replace the "0.00" with the amount you want to contribute and follow the instructions.

We are conducting all personal prophecy sessions on the first Saurday of the month from 10:30- 12:00 PM. Ministry is on a first-come, first-served basis. We will do our best to minister to everyone who comes in during the specified hours, however, depending on the number of clients, you may have to return next month to receive ministry.

Note: We are pleased to provide personal prophetic words to individuals. This ministry uses the simple gift of prophecy to provide edification, exhortation and comfort in life's situations. It can assist you in special situations and/or confirm what you are hearing and discerning from God. However, we encourage everyone to hear from God on their own. Clients should not schedule a prophetic word every month, but take time to pray into the last prophetic word they received. We are establishing a plan to allow clients to request words no more than once every three months, unless a special situation arises that requires additional support, and in that case, please contact us.

Please remember that Prophetic ministers speak words of encouragement, edification, comfort, and strength in the spirit of 1 Corinthians 14. We do not give directional words. Trained team members of the Healing Rooms Apostolic Center serve all those who sign up for prophetic ministry. We sincerely desire to hear from the Lord on behalf of those of you coming for ministry, so that you may be encouraged and built up in your faith. Please note that personal prophecy is only offered to those who come to the Prayer and Healing Room's Apostolic Center location during specified hours.

You are encouraged to use your cell phone or another recording device in order to be able to record your prophetic words.

Date and Time:
1st Saturday of the Month
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Location: 526 Old Liverpool Road
Building #2 Suite #7
Liverpool, NY 13088

Joe and Linda Dowell

Please review the following:

The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy." (Rev 19:10)

Prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. It takes the form of spoken words that are supernaturally inspired by Jesus. Jesus is the source of all prophecy.

What Should you expect?

All prophecy should build you up, encourage you to go forward with the Lord, or bring comfort in a situation you are struggling with.

The prophetic gift of 1 Corinthians 14:3 does not include the releasing of directive words or words of correction which is the venue of someone called to the Office of Prophet.

A genuine prophetic utterance never contradicts the written Word of God.

The prophetic should always nurture your personal relationship with God.

God loves you, has a plan to prosper you and to give you a hope and a purpose, and He wants you to here His voice. (John 10:27)

However, specific time frames are not given in prophecy. Those well trained in the prophetic know that it is a cardinal rule not to set times on the fulfillment of prophecy. Why? Much of what God says through prophecy is conditional and may be predicated on our response and actions.

Be careful not to jump to a conclusion as to what the timing of the prophecy will be.

True prophecy comes by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ -- who is the Spirit of Prophecy. Jesus loves you and has a plan to prosper you and to give you a hope and a future. He wants you to succeed in both the call He has placed on your life and in every aspect of daily living. Prophecy can play a part in helping that plan to unfold by providing edification, exhortation and encouragement as you as you go forward in your God-appointed destiny in Christ.

The Healing Rooms are only able to stay open because of your free-will offerings to cover rent and ministry expenses. Your tax-deductible contributions are appreciated.

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