ACTSyracuse is pleased to present the International Association of Healing Rooms training class which will equip you to minister in healing and miracles.

Training will be held in Syracuse on six Monday nights starting late Spring/Early Summer. You must attend all sessions to graduate and be considered to minister in the Healing Rooms. There is no Pastoral approval required to take any of the training, however, those who complete all the training and are selected to minister, must obtain a pastoral reference.

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Healing Room Training Schedule and Attendance Qualification:

  • Complete HR Training
  • Atend HR Training School Gradution and Receive Impartation - TBD
  • Complete HR On the Job Training

    Note - Healing Room on the Job Training is open to those Christians who have completed all the training and have a positive Pastoral Reference and a successful interview.

    Healing Room Training includes all or some of the following:

    Introduction - What is a Healing Room and Why are they Successful
    Preparation for Miracles and Healings
    - Appropriating the Gifts of Healings and Miracles
    - Keys to the Miraculous in the Miracles of Jesus
    - Awakening to the Power of Discipleship
    - John G. Lake's - Operating in the Power Gifts
    - Awakening to your identity as a Miracle Worker
    - Awakening to your Position of Power
    - Awakening to the Great Faith of Miracles
    - Awakening to the Primary Hindrances to Miracles
    - Awakening to the Power of Prayer
    - Awakening to the Power of Fasting

    Becoming a Vessel of Honor Suitable For Use in the Master's Service:
    - Understanding How the Enemy Attacks us - A Primer on Deliverance
    - Closing the Open Door of Unforgiveness
    - Closing the Open Door to the Occult
    - Closing the Open Door of Soul Ties (Sexual, Abuse, Idolatry, etc.)
    - Closing the Open Door of Unholy Covenants, Vows and Oaths
    - Closing the Open Door of Rejection

    Preparing for Ministry:
    - Understanding God's Protective Armor
    - Operating in Prophetic Ministry
    - Keys to Effective Ministry

  • Protocols
  • Identifying the Types of Sickness and Disease
        - Sickness rooted in sin or iniquity
        - Bondage rooted in lie-based thinking or lack of knowledge
        - Ministering to Health issues resulting from injury or natural causes
        - How to Get to the Roots of Sickness or Disease
    - Effective Intercessory Prayer Room operation
    - Stirring up your Gifts through Impartation

    Registration is required.

    To register, print out the form below and remit the form and payment to the address shown below or Register and remit fees online by Clicking Here

    A Call to Ministry

    If your heart-cry is: "God, send me!", then please join us for training at the Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse. We need dedicated, spirit-filled Christians with a desire to minister to the sick through prayer and the laying on of hands. Any Christian interested in learning Biblical principles of healing will benefit from this training.

    A Call to Service --

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    Registration is required (see below).

    To register, print out the form below and remit the form and payment to the address shown below or Register and remit fees online by Clicking Here

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    Healing Room Training:

    Registration Fee: $50 per person
    Methods of Payment: Cash or Check.

    Please make checks out to: To His Glory Ministries



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    I am interested in learning how to minister in Healings and Miracles (Yes/No): _____

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