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Testimony from the Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse

"I visited the Prayer and Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse on June 22. I had bad knee pain and had to wear a knee brace. After leaving the Healing Rooms, I drove up Buckly Road. When I reached Bailey Road, it felt like someone touched my knee. It was healed and I no longer need a knee brace."

The Prayer and Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse are open on Thursdays from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM. No appointment necessary. Never a charge for ministry. Free-will offerings gratefully accepted to help defray expenses.

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"My visit to the Prayer and Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse was peaceful and warm and caring, full of the Holy Spirit. I had had a car accident and had suffered a traumatic head injury, which left me with brain problems. I had brain fog, loss of memory, scattering of information, visual disturbances and neck pain with headaches, but I left with no pain.

After I received prayer and laying on of hands ministry, my memory is coming back. Words and their spelling are coming back. My head, vision problems and neck pain are gone.

The devil tries to bring back the symptoms, but the Healing Rooms gave me a brochure on "How to Keep your Healing." So I declare to the devil, "You are the father of all lies. I am healed in the Name of Jesus!" I have received my healing! Thank you, God!"

Hopeless Rotator Cuff Healed

Deafness Healed

Blindness Healed

Thyroid Healed

Hearing Miraculously Restored

Carotid Artery 70% Blocked

Partial Blindness

Eye Ambliopia Healed

Hearing Disorder Healed

Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)

Low Back Pain/High Blood Pressure Healed

Chest Pains Healed

Developmental Deficiencies Improved

Incurable Rash Healed

Stage 4 Colon Cancer Healed

Incurable Skin Condition Healed

Neck Problems Healed

Broken Back Healed of Pain

Prayer Softened my Husband's Heart

Hepatitis C Healed

Neck Healed

Cysts, fibroids and Endometriosis

Neck Dramitically Healed

High Blood Pressure

Hernia Healed

Thyroid and Lymphoma Cancer Healed

Desparate Need Met and Shoulder Pain Healed

Esophagial Scarring from GERD

Shoulder Impingement Healed

Sore Throat and Urinary Tract Infection

Pain and tingling in Left Arm

Muscles destroyed

Arthritis Healed in Neck

Jaw Healed

Parasites Destroyed

Back Strengthened

50 years of depression gone!

Multinoduler Goiter Negative for Cancer

Brain Injury Healed

Acute Breathing Difficulty Healed

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