Cathy Williamson to Healing Rooms and Vince Aquilino, March 2005

March 23, 2005 11:37 p.m. -- The healing rooms will experience a revival and renewing. A revelation of who I am and what I can do. This is about Me and My glory.

March 30, 2005 12:11 p.m. --- You must war for Jim White to come. The enemy has set many roadblocks up. Rejoice at the roadblocks for My glory will be sweeter with each one that he places in your path. Pray for his (Jim) health and for the victory. For the victory is yours. I have appointed this meeting. No one else can take credit for making it happen. I have ordained this meeting for My glory. I will manifest. I will speak to the peoples hearts to pray and fast, to sit in My presence and know that I am God. You have seen the way that I have been raising my children up. They are understanding that they are sons and daughters of the Most High God. That I have given them authority. Seek My face and know that I have placed you in the arena. Remember and learn what happens in the arena. You are a warrior for I have made you this way. I will not give you anything that you can not handle. Remember that the enemy only has illusion. It is little more than an annoyance. Take authority over him and the things in your life will begin to fall into place. You must continue to pray My promises. Lay down who you are and allow me to rise up in you.

Roe Kendrick (Director, The Healing Rooms of Greater Auburn) to Vince Aquilino, March 30, 2005

"I AM the alpha and the omega. I AM the beginning and the end. IAM all things to all men. You must walk in My ways - walk in My ways and let Me flow through you. Let My living waters flow thru you. Let Me flow thru your mind and your soul. You must go deeper. GO DEEPER. DO NOT BE SATISFIED WITH WHERE YOU ARE AT. YOU HAVE JUST SCRATCHED THE SURFACE. GO DEEPER AND I WILL MEET WITH YOU."

Kevin DeSalle (President of Bridge Builders International) to Vince/Debbi Aquilino 4/19/05 - Syracuse Airport Christian Fellowship

"You are a Watchman on the Wall and the Lord has given you strategies against the enemy. He has translated you more then once and has taken you to see the plans of the enemy. You have put your hands to the plow, but the Lord says you have hardly begun the work the Lord has for you and you will be impacting different continents that you have not even set foot on. Your wells have been depleted by praying so much for others -- Your wells are being refilled spirit to spirit. I see "red" coming over you -- God is going to protect you. You are being given new angels -- God will tell you what they are for. The group you have started here -- you will impart into them and they will multiply and spread all over the world. Aaron Evans added: You will see real miracles and people will begin to stream in."

Larry Randolf to Vince Aquilino 4/22/04 - SYracuse Airport Christian Fellowship

"Real change is coming to you. You have been a process of change and transition for 12-18 months. Things are changing around you and the outer crust of your life is changing. Scenery is changing partly due to the prayer you have prayed and partly due to the prayers of others and God is bringing you to a new piece of your destiny. I saw you letting go of some things so you could take up other things. It's like an exchange is taking place of things in your hands. It's God and it's a good thing.The exchange and the change of purpose is God and a new word and new mandate is being given to you. The Lord is writing on this mandate,new things, new word, transition, year of making change and year of catching the wind in your sails and the Lord is taking you to new places in your destiny and purpose. This is not a time to slow down or backup. It is the beginning of the fulfillment of your destiny. Joseph waited 13 years, Moses waited 40 years, Jesus waited 30 years. It is the time the Lord gives us segments of time to bring maturation to your destiny. Your time of waiting is up, God has done the major part of His work in you and the microwave has gone ding and and He ready to serve you to the world and to others around you....presenting what the Lord has done in your heart. There is also something about you being a first born son. There is something about a first born blessing to the Hebrews. The first born son received the right of inheritance and the blessing of God as a larger portion. And there is a first born blessing and inheritance in your family and this ties in with this word, there is an inheritance of the Lord, an expansion, that is happening that is bringing you into greater part of your destiny. I would ask Lord you would bless the first born anointing here, the principal of first born, meaning pressed down, shaken together, overflowing the inheritance of the family lineage is passed down to the first born and that you would receive the fullness of the blessing of the Lord that you have given him through his family and his father and his father's father and all that is good would trickle down through the genetics of his family, both spiritually and physically, and find its place in you that you can say I have received the fullness of the inheritance that has been passed down through the family line"


Bobby Connor - To Vince Aquilino, Director, The Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse, October, 2003, at SACF

"No matter what the healing ministry looks like now, continue to pursue it. See everybody you pray for getting healed. See that in your heart. Regardless of the situations now, see them all getting healed and I'm telling you, the vision you see will happen down the road. Yes, don't give up!

Remember John Wimber, he told me out of his own mouth, when God called him to pray for the sick, that everyone he prayed for over an entire year died. People who not even that sick. He said one of the best ways to get your name in the obituaries was to get him to pray for them. God called him to pray for the sick, almost everyone prayed for over an entire year, died. And then one day, in one moment, from that time forward, almost everyone that got prayed for, got healed. But he had to go through that period of curses where people told him to give it up.

Do not give it up, it is going to work. ===============================================================

Susan Cummings - - to Vince Aquilino, Director, The Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse, 11/5/2003, at Salvation Church of God/Rochester Healing Rooms

"I have called you to raise up my people. I've called you to raise up my people. My Glory in resident within you. My fire is resident within you. You already have it. God has already told you these things. You will bring the fire of holiness back to your region. I have called you to raise up tents. I have called you to raise up people. I have called you to release My fire and to treat it as Holy and precious. If you will honor My presence and My power in your midst, I will give you a 100 fold increase in your region. My fire is resident in you. You are a carrier of My fire." ===============================================================

Susan Cummings - - to Vince Aquilino, Debbi Aquilino, Audrey Watson, Randy Blackwelder (Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse Members), 11/5/2003, at Salvation Church of God/Rochester Healing Rooms

"Lord you are filling the healing rooms. You are filling up the old wells once again. Thank you for divine widom. You will show them where to go and who to connect with and who not to, who is in covenant relationship with you and them and who is just a hireling. Be careful not to be yoked with anyone who has not been prepared by God; who do not have a covenant relationship with God. I thank you Father that you are sending them out and establishing places of refuge, cities of refuge, healing places where people can be healed and I thank you Lord that during this week you will raise them up even more and Father you will be seen in their midst. I thank you Father for sealing it, settling it, and bringing it forth in your timing. I thank you for the new healing rooms to come. I thank you for wisdom, council, and strategies from heaven. You are taking them to the throne room and He is going to release heavenly blue prints to you. I thank you for Father, for heavenly blue prints, not mans, but yours.

I thank you for provision that will not come from man, but Lord, from your throne. I thank you for divine provision. I thank you that when man's resources end and there is nothing left, that your streams only begin. There will never lack, beg, or borrow. They will be lenders and givers. They will never run out, because you multiply what they give out.

The healing Rooms will be places where your creative miracle working power will be seen -- where limbs will grow, where eyes will come back into empty eye sockets, where organs will appear where there was none. You are not limited Father, you have only just begun.

I thank you Lord that even the dead will be raised. They will bring caskets up to the door, they'll lay hands on them, and they will come right up out of grave.

I thank you Father. They have only just begun to see your healing power in their midst -- for your resurrection power is coming to burn in their places. I release your resurrection power into them now -- that you will come and fill them -- for it is your resurrection power that will raise up people from the dead. I thank you that they will see many people come to life in the healing rooms.

I bless them Father. I bless the work of their hands. I thank you Lord that you will set up a table for them in the midst of their enemies. All who have mocked, ridiculed, and oppressed them will reap Your judgements against them. You will be defend them Lord and You are standing up for them.

Father you are going to roar through them and they will see a mighty wave of healing run through their area. I thank you that it has only begun, for you are coming back into your house.

I bless their healing rooms and the other healing rooms to come. I thank you for what You will do through them and the ones that will hook up with them. You will establish many healing rooms.