I want to share a notable miracle that happened at the Healing Rooms a few weeks ago and use it as both a teaching opportunity and as an encouragement that with our God all things are possible.

I was part of a healing team that recently ministered on to a young mother who was in ...intense pain. She said her pain level, which was in her ears and head, was an 8 or 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. She also indicated that her hearing was badly impaired and that what she could hear sounded like she was hearing underwater. She had become good at reading lips. Her mother said that she had repeated infections as a child and had a food allergy that had caused her ear drums to be damaged by the infections and subsequent scar tissue. This individual had a "seer" gifting and as such was used to seeing things in the spiritual realm, so I asked her if I could share what I saw with her as we worked through the prayer session. We do not normally share such things as someone not familiar with the seer prophetic gifting can cause an individual to fear. She said absolutely. So we began.

But just let me digress and share a little about this gift. God often speaks in pictures and sometimes in words. We see many examples of this in the Scriptures as God speaks through His prophets. As the sheep of His pasture, we are all supposed to be hearing His voice. He is always speaking, but many of us miss it because we do not understand how He is communicating.

When the seer gift is in operation, we have to understand that in many cases what we see is a metaphor. For example, you might see what appears to be snakes around a person's ankles. It does not mean there are actually snakes around their ankles. It might be that God is showing you that the enemy is trying to hinder that person in their walk for God. This is why when you see something, you always need to ask the Lord what you are seeing, what to do with it, if anything at that time, and how to share it if the Lord wants it shared.

But in this case, I was free to simply share what I saw.

As we began to pray for her, I saw a tight metal-looking band around her head going around her ears. I had a sense that what I was seeing was the outworking of a curse, but I was not sure. So I told here what I saw and we kept praying. As we prayed, I saw it loosen up ever so slightly. I asked her how her pain was and she said somewhat better. We kept praying but it would not release. I looked intently at the band and I saw a word on the band. I asked her if she wanted to know what the word was. It is always good protocol to ask permission. She said yes, and I spelled it for her. C.U.R.S.E.

I then explained to her that a curse not deserved would not light, but would return to sender. That when Jesus had remarked: "here comes the god of this age and he has nothing in Me", what He was indicating is that the enemy had nothing in His life to hang onto, no legal sin-right to afflict him. I gently shared that if the curse had effected her, there had to be a reason. I asked her if she had unforgiveness or some such un dealt with issue that might have allowed the curse to light. She hesitated, but was unsure. So we kept praying, and as I watched the band I saw more words on it. They were "envy" and "jealousy". I told her the words I saw, and she said she thought she knew what it was. I instructed her to ask God to forgive her (in this case she had believed a lie of the enemy about a situation and it had caused envy or jealousy). As she prayed with her eyes closed, I saw the band slip off her head and fall around her shoulders - she was wearing it like a necklace. I asked her about her pain, which she said was vastly improved. I told her what I saw and she blurted out that she could feel the weight of it on her shoulders. I felt the Lord was not going to completely heal her during this particular session because it was a situation where He wanted her to press in and to speak to Him about this in an intimate way. I then prayed, now that the device of the enemy had been removed, for God to completely restore what the locusts had eaten. I assured her that she would be completely healed. She left with virtually no pain.

The next night, my wife and I attended the inaugural meeting of "Burn Syracuse." If you are not familiar with the "burn", it is yet another ministry of unity that is so important to bringing transformation and revival to our region. The primary objective of "Syracuse Burn", however, is not unity for the sake of unity, but to minister to the Lord, as an audience of one, in the manner of the Tabernacle of David.

You can read more about it at:, but at this gathering, at a church, I saw the exact same angels I saw at a different church a week of so earlier.

That previous Sunday I was in a church service where my wife and I are members. The worship started as usual, but after a few songs there was a shift as the worship team moved into a flow with the Spirit of God. Then, I was allowed to see into the Spirit Realm. I saw three angels just standing there off to the right of the platform. I'd seen the lead angel before. I asked God, who are these angels? He said: These are angels from the higher echelon. I asked, what do they do? He said: These angels carry my strategic plans for this region. They were just standing there, so I asked: Why are they here? God said: To assess spiritual preparations for the next move of My Spirit in this region. At that point I saw what looked like a fund raising thermometer that was around about 65%.

It is sobering to realize that God is gauging the level of the spiritual preparation of His people to see if they were ready for the next move of God that is coming to our region. Worship was just awesome. Great message as well.

Then I heard God speak a word of encouragement:

As the sun followed the terminator
and the dawn broke
darkness fled

I say to you My children
The Sun of Righteousness
has risen with healing in His Wings
And My glory has risen before you

Sense My Presence
Sense My Heart
For I AM about to release you
into your destinies

There have been many stumbling blocks
on the highway of life
But you have learned to be overcomers
And now I say the time of your release is upon you

Step out in Faith
Share My Good News
Heal the sick
Cleanse the Lepers
Raise the dead
Drive out demons

For just as the Moon reflects the light of the Sun
You reflect the glory of your risen King
Walk in your destiny!

I also saw this young mother that I had ministered to the night before at this gathering. She was excited. God had completely restored her hearing and she had zero pain. She no longer had to read lips. She said in an email: "I've had this from the time I was one until age 10 -- a double ear infection every month. I had so many surgeries on my ears that I can't even tell you how many. As a result of it all, it left me with half a eardrum in my right ear with only 50% hearing and a quarter of an eardrum in my left with a 20% hearing in my left. I could not hear most men who spoke because they talk so low. I could not hear distances! For almost 32 years, this was my life . . . Praise be to Father God -- NOT ANY MORE!!"

God is awesome! Please understand that God wants His children healed more that we want to see them healed. But healing is often a process as there may be stumbling blocks in the way of complete healing that have to be removed (Isa 57:14). This is why that sometimes it takes many prayer sessions to see healing come. I remember a man we were praying for at a church once that came back every week for 13 weeks for his bad back. It was so bad, that he would often crawl up to the altar and then crawl back to his seat. Don't think it was not a battle for us to maintain our faith in God's word after 12 weeks with no manifestation of healing. But on that 13th week, after he had left the church the same way he came in, he woke up the next morning completely healed - Praise God! Why it took 13 weeks and what God accomplished in this man during the delay, we will not know on this side of eternity. But God was faithful, we did not faint, the man did not faint, and he reaped a harvest of healing.

The enemy is good at bringing discouragement. Sometimes, the individual receiving ministry does not return because the enemy convinces them it is not God's will to heal them. What a lie of the devil! Another of his devices is to convince the individual that it is a lack of faith to continue to get prayer. My beloved, this also is a lie, we are to keep asking, keep knocking and keep seeking until that door to healing opens. We are promised after all that we will reap (the promises of God), if we do not faint (or quit pursuing the promise and the promise giver). It is through faith and perseverance that we inherit the promise. What promise? By His stripes we were healed!

There are over 2000 Healing Rooms across the world and more being added every day. This is a ministry that God in His sovereignty has chosen to breathe on during this juncture of history. If you need God's touch, we at the Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse and the other Healing Rooms around the world, are here to pray and fight the good fight of faith with you so you may be healed, restored, delivered and set free to the glory of God.

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