My daughter was diagnosed with refractive ambiopia in one eye and her vision, with medical tratement, went from 20/200 to 20/30. However, the treatments stopped working an her eyesite started getting worse. When it reached 20/50 I took her to the Healing Rooms for prayer and her vision went to 20/25. The doctor said the eye looked like it would keep improving until it was the same as the other eye.


There are over 2000 Healing Rooms across the world and more being added every day. This is a ministry that God in His sovereignty has chosen to breathe on during this juncture of history. If you need God's touch, we at the Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse and the other Healing Rooms around the world, are here to pray and fight the good fight of faith with you so you may be healed, restored, delivered and set free to the glory of God.

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Be Blessed and encouraged, God is for you!!! Vince Aquilino

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