I have worn glasses since the 5th grade. I have never had any peripheral eyesight. Then in 2005, I contracted viral meningitis that developed into encephalitis. It severely affected several organs in my body-- especially my eyes. I was partially blind for several months. I recouped much of my eyesight over time, but I still had severe night vision and I was left with multiple vision with several overlapping images. A a result I could only read, drive, work on crafts, etc. for about 30 minutes.

I was sent to neurologists and opthamologists that ran several tests, including visual field tests. They concluded on top of the limited visual area , that there was extensive neurological damage to the optic nerve. There was nothing the doctors could do for me.

In May, Vince and Deb Aquilino prayed for my eyesight when I told him I had no peripheral vision whatsoever -- like tunnel vision. I felt a slight pain in my eyes when he laid hands on my eyes and forhead. I opened my eyes and I began to see movement out of the corners of my eyes -- it was so amazing. (Vince had been sitting across the room from me when he felt the anointing come upon him, almost like he was wearing a garment. He got up and as he approached me and passed his wife, the anointing was so heavy, Deb, being spiritually sensitive to the Holy Spirit, screamed. Vince later told me that Chuck Pierce had prophesied that as Transformation Syracuse was faithful to hold 12 monthly praise and worship gatherings around the region, that when they returned from these gatherings, that they would wear the anointing that was released.)

I could see to both sides now, but the restoration of my peripheral vision, up and down, slowly improved over several months. God later told me that if He restored my vision completely all at one, I would not be able to handle the sensory input. He was right. I was actually getting motion sickness from being able to see so much! I now have almost perfect peripheral vision. I can even see myself breathing; I can see fans moving overhead; I can see cars moving along side me as I drive. And that's not all. My night vision is much clearer without shadows and darkness.

I no longer have multiple vision. I am expectantly waiting on the Lord to heal me in other areas damaged by the meningitis.

Our God is is still working creative miracles and I am completely enjoying looking at the beauty of His creation.

Patti Marleau


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