I was afraid to come to the Healing Rooms, but the Holy Spirit encouraged me to go. I found the people there to be open and welcoming. They prayed for me and I felt loved and accepted. I was healed of a fungal rash that I had for two years and inspite of treatment, I was actually getting worse. It had spread into my sinuses and I had to have surgery. I had the rash on my chest, arms, legs and the front of my hands. I was anointed with oil, they prayed, and I was healed. I am off all meds. I told the doctor that the people in the Healing Rooms spoke truth to me, helped me accept it and to believe I was healed. Praise the Lord! _____________________________________________________________________________

There are over 2000 Healing Rooms across the world and more being added every day. This is a ministry that God in His sovereignty has chosen to breathe on during this juncture of history. If you need God's touch, we at the Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse and the other Healing Rooms around the world, are here to pray and fight the good fight of faith with you so you may be healed, restored, delivered and set free to the glory of God.

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Be Blessed and encouraged, God is for you!!! Vince Aquilino

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