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Due to the governmental restrictions about social distancing and holding gatherings over 10 people because of the COVID 19 virus, we regret that the Prayer and Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse physical location must close temporarily. However, you can be prayed for in an online Zoom prayer session or you can submt a traditional email prayer request by clicking on the picture above. We hope to resume normal operations soon.

In the meantime, we urge everyone to recite Psalm 91 aloud everyday to cover yourself, your loved ones and any others that you care about.

Please join our faithful team members in praying for safety for everyone in our Nation, for healing for those who have been infected, comfort for those who have lost loved ones and a quick end to the spread of this virus. Lift up our President and his staff and pray that there would be unity in our government. Pray for first responders, medical personnel at all levels and that the peace of God would reign on all fronts. This is an unprecedented event. We must not lose faith and be diligent in prayer.

Thank you for your support of the Prayer and Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse. Please be aware that, although we are unable to open our doors, we still have rent to pay and other expenses. Any financial help you can give at this time would be a blessing. If you have been blessed by this ministry, your help would be greatly appreciated. You can donate by going to Pay Pal by clicking here

Be Blessed, Vince and Deb Aquilino, Co-Directors Prayer and Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse, New York State and Region 1

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